Otherwise why would they’ve been going to Paris? And right after Yen speaks, Danny says ‘OK, in the interests of time, I’ll skip to my favourite’…and then he goes on to say ‘respond in kind’ referencing stealing the paintings. Dear Forro, it is forgivable to not know the difference between Robbie Coltrane and Albert Finney, two great acting powerhouses, but not to think that Matsui’s goals are driven by Le Marc. They are now fugitives who escaped jail they cant fly around and taunt the night fox. 2001: The events of the first film take place, Danny is released from prison and the gang pulls off the Belagio triple heist. He wants to protect her from harm, only, he didn’t count on the irrationality of emotions. So in the end, everything comes up great for Danny. I love how deep the details run. Le Marc’s third problem is that his apprentice, the Night Fox, is getting so egotistical, driven, and anxious to be the greatest thief in the world, that he may very well soon eclipse the reputation of his mentor. Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Ocean's Twelve ou Le Retour de Danny Ocean au Québec est un film américain réalisé par Steven Soderbergh, sorti en 20041. The con. What did they gain by getting caught by isabel. Rusty takes Lahiri to a safe house that he claims has been lent to him by LeMarc. Related quizzes can be found here: Ocean's Twelve Quizzes How come the fake plan of the 11 (being arrested by Isabel etc) can change Isabel’s mind about thieves ? This is a character flaw. Awesome. Improve this question. Second Thursday. So it’s important you know who he is, what he wants, and how he gets it. Haha I love it! After a complex series of schemes, they find the document has already been stolen by the "Night Fox", another master thief. hi…how was Danny so sure that Toulour would challenge about the egg? The plot is far too complicated for the normal spectator. https://slowgrowth.com/simple-habits☝️http://www.patreon.com/mattdavella☝Get more videos & support this channel. … Oh no!!!!!! is this because he doesnt visit or call wtff, also how is she and his dad connected to the con, I dont really see this point. TL;DR: Le Marc’s arrangements achieve everything he wanted, and also got Danny and Tess back into their normal lives, as well as reuniting Rusty and Isabel. She points out to Lahiri that she will face only retribution for forging a signature on a Europol form to obtain the necessary arrest warrants for Ocean's gang. I do not remember Isabel receiving info and IDs when she met Taloure. What’s the next stage? A sequel, titled Ocean's Thirteen was released in 2007, also directed by Steven Soderbergh. Thats too good bro! Tess is enlisted to save the day working as part of the con, yet everybody else knows that the environment for her is perfectly safe. Eight days left: Raising the pylons and carrying out the Van der Woude heist. Rusty thus finds himself at a loose end and travels to Rome. The movie is genius. The Night Fox presumably also uses one of his aliases to ask Matsui to hire a crew that can steal the Van der Woude stock certificate. 2002: The Night Fox steals the King of Morocco’s yacht. Toulour invites Danny to his villa and reveals that he had exposed their identities to Benedict (breaking the code of silence among thieves) and hired Matsui to inform the crew about the certificate in order to arrange the meeting with Danny. In Ocean's Twelve, Toulour prided himself on being a master thief, even better than Danny Ocean and his group, and took them on all by himself in an attempt to steal the egg. 2003, Between Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Twelve: Danny and Tess come out of hiding and try to reintegrate into society as Mr and Mrs Diaz, Rusty buys a hotel that doesn’t run smoothly, Linus continues developing his talent, Saul moves in with a lady we can assume was the “nice lady who works the unmentionables counter at Macy’s”, the Malloy twins move back to Utah, Basher tries to be a rapper, Livingstone tries to be a standup comic, and Amazing Yen parties with supermodels. Except after reviewing the film last night with a huge oceans fan. Thank you for mapping it all out. Help! She will get to experience the thrill of the con, and learn about her husband’s line of work. Thanks for your comment, it’s cool to think about it. Instead of going inside during the daytime with a full egg in their backpack, they merely have that metal slab (which probably fits in between some books in Linus’s bag because he is always disguising himself as a student). Pantheon definition is - a temple dedicated to all the gods. But I always knew there was so much more at play. His wife was obviously so concerned for their daughter that she didn’t care how good he was at remaining above suspicion. Le Marc, perhaps once a fit young man like the Night Fox, is in no condition now to waltz into that laser-grid field and dance his way around security. The long con is a matter of keeping your mind in the game to stay ahead of everybody, but there was no conning her when she was driven by her strong emotion (fear for daughter). Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Directed by Steven Soderbergh. By the end, all the story threads are wrapped up. This quiet lakeside community is a reasonable commute from major cities like Kent and Renton as well as Bellevue and Seattle, with the latter about 35 miles northwest. 2. why did linus’s mom say “Im already forgetting your name” ? Conning Izzy back into Rusty’s arms AND giving her her father back AND helping her be part of the greatest con of all time that outfoxes the Night Fox that she admires so much is EXACTLY the kind of “con in which everybody wins” that Le Marc, and his dedicated followers Ocean’s gang of eleven or more, purport to hold as the ultimate achievement of their profession. Why is the real faberge egg being transported by a seemingly young dude and not protected like they originally explained? Oh dear god, Kyle. Share . Though it causes him great pain to be separated from Isabel, he bottles it up and waits, presumably keeping tabs on her using aliases. "[11] Ocean's Twelve was rated by Entertainment Weekly as one of "The 25 Worst Sequels Ever Made". trying to pull off the new ‘Bundle of Joy combined with the Lookie-Lou’ with Saul and Tess) and all the stress, the bickering, the anger, the egos, the desperation they display on screen here WAS ALL A LITTLE IMPROVISED SCENE FOR THE SAKE OF THE NIGHT FOX WHO THEY KNEW WAS WATCHING THEM. Due to the infrequency of my blogging, it would be a great idea to get updates delivered straight to your inbox! Either they replaced it with a replica (using perhaps Le Marc’s inside knowledge of exactly what was in the bag?) He failed the test of being good enough to convince his wife that he could protect their anonymity. Ce soir à la TV ! I have answered your interrogation question in the previous comments — hope you saw that. It seems that every good con artist knows that the best con is one in which everybody wins – the Night Fox of course sees the world as more of a zero-sum game where there can only be one dominant male at the top of the pyramid, etc. Could someone explain this scene in Ocean's Twelve? Clooney made his film directorial debut during one of the breaks between shooting for the Ocean’s trilogy with Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002), which was based on the life of Chuck Barris, a television host who claimed… "[13] Steven Soderbergh has stated that it is his favorite of the then-three Ocean's films.[14]. Nine days left: Prep day (not shown). The Night Fox beats them to it. And even then how did the night fox discover who was apart of the eleven when Benedict couldn’t. Consonant definition is - being in agreement or harmony : free from elements making for discord. The long con, as the name suggests, is perpetrated over a long period of time, with the use of perhaps a secret identity or alias, to gain the victim’s trust, to extract secrets, items, leverage, or other valuable assets, while remaining totally above suspicion. Toulour explains he stole the egg at night using his agility and dancing skills to evade its heavy security. It all works out. The Night Fox is conning Matsui into hiring Ocean’s Eleven for a job that puts them right where he wants them. They regroup and try to come up with a new plan, calling Tess and conning her into getting on a plane to Rome. He just set up the board and let it play out. An ocean, tamed, to pass between A tunnel that was made of gems. Second Wednesday. Very well explained Andrew. Having agreed with the traders, who were setting out across the sea, to meet up after six months, they went separate ways. Will have to watch it again to pick out these intricacies. [7] Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "B–" on an A+ to F scale. How to use point in a sentence. Next Monday: Everybody gathers in a casino for some gaming and good times. This is a question of worldviews. [8], The film was criticized for its slow start, its complex plot and a final twist that negated much of the preceding action. Toulour is upset that LeMarc suggested Danny may be a better thief than him and challenges Danny to steal the Fabergé Imperial Coronation Egg. AND YET LE MARC STILL BESTED HIM! Lahiri is told that they are to be extradited to the U.S. Linus is chosen first to be interrogated by the FBI agent assigned to collect them. Am I right? Ansen, David (2004-12-13), "Style Over Substance". I’ve watched it over and over to understand more of the details. Which leads me to my next issue. Or did the night fox give Danny and Tess the check when they told him that they won? US. Remember Denny Shields (the loud and annoying American businessman) was bragging about Danny ocean and his gang of eleven in front of the night fox. Le Marc’s comeback has been literally decades in the making. Thirteen days left: The gang meet secretly in the back of a warehouse. Great writeup! Deal with it. He would con at every other moment of his life but not actual serious ones like this. Everybody learns that it’s awesome to be a con artist. So yes, there are a couple of replicas involved here, not merely one. [15] "The Real Story" is different in the film, which uses "Rito a Los Angeles" by Peppino de Luca, featuring part of the main riff of "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida". Danny and his gang begin to plan an elaborate heist to swap the egg for a holographic recreation, but the engineer hired by the group accidentally tips off Lahiri to their presence, and she captures all of the crew except Linus, Tarr, Turk, and Saul. I think I’m going to watch it again now. As Isabel tells us, he practices the ‘long con’. Which would be sad. Ocean’s gang are all conning the amateur Linus about feeling important!. And lastly I don’t think lamarc was trying to show the night fox he wasn’t the best or whatever reasoning you had for him helping Danny and rusty. Can he get his daughter now? Dans le rapport du GIEC, le graphique est directement le rasseblement des deux cartes, la Fresque l'a "découpé". This would also explain how he knew where the real egg was, as he had connections in the police force (and had done for a long time). That is never tell on other thieves. Le Marc. Second: he wants his Faberge Egg. He cannot, for example, simply make the Night Fox ‘disappear’ in some cloak and dagger murder, though, again, I am certain that he will have contemplated it. Which seems to have been what put off Isabel’s guard. The complexity. Thanks again, I will never get tired of this film. Toulour's celebration is short-lived when Danny reveals that his group stole the real egg while it was in transit to the museum, and Toulour realizes they were tipped off by LeMarc. 25/12/2020. Danny and Rusty stay up late drinking wine after the Night Fox gives them a prank call. Remember during their first meeting and the challenge being laid that the Night Fox tells Danny that Le Marc will hold onto the money (the full amount owed to Benedict) in escrow to show that there is no chance of him reneging on his deal. So they enlist the help of Roman Nagel to create a digital one. Sequels. - See 892 traveler reviews, 519 candid photos, and great deals for Cape Town Central, South Africa, at Tripadvisor. Truly out of the box thinking. I had some doubts, all got cleared by reading your article. Learn more. She goes from confident detective to distraught little girl in the blink of an eye. I love this! Il constitue la suite dOcean's Eleven (2001) et dOcean's Twelve (2004) du même réalisateur. ok ill stop there I can sit here for 300 years and never stop asking questions, this movie in my opinion is the best of all three and i love rewatching it, I can actually feel my brain’s synapses working! Linus comes up with a second plan involving Danny's wife, Tess, posing as a pregnant Julia Roberts in order to get close to the Egg and swap it. Your explanation of this movie made a second viewing of the movie so much richer. He is certainly in a pickle. Why is it, during the movie, when Danny is briefing everyone on who Tolour is, we hear Yen’s voice. First Thursday. There all things, even the colour black, Seemed irridescently to play, And liquid crystalised its lack Of outline in a frozen ray. OF. (Side note, I assume the Night Fox, using an alias, is good friends with Van der Woude as a fellow collector of arts and antiquities, has been in the building before, and thus has already obtained the code). Otherwise yes it would be likely the Night Fox would simply refuse to pay Danny – he never expected to lose. Soderbergh revient en force (c’est un euphémisme) et signe un film majeur pour lui et pour nous. Also, y’know, he doesn’t want to hurt Isabel by robbing her of her mother prematurely. They were still arrested. They don’t push this very hard, so it kind of goes under the radar, despite being the only bona fide con Danny pulls for his own sake in the whole film. Le film est suivi en 2007 par Ocean's Thirteen. In Rome in the upcoming display, they display a replica to the public (which we are told they often do anyway). Haha. Linus and Basher are already practicing their secondary heist plan for later. Il est la suite dOcean's Eleven (ou L'Inconnu de Las Vegas au Québec). The Night Fox is conning Ocean’s Eleven (so he thinks) with an un-winnable challenge. "Ascension to Virginity" was taken from the soundtrack of 1968 movie Candy, where it likewise appeared in the epilogue. Dann M Super Reviewer. Watch the full movie online. In the museum with Tess, when she is faking being ill, I thought I clearly saw Linus swipe the fake egg and the hologram was set up in its place. Danny is happy to bend the knee to his King of Kings, Le Marc, because his King granted him everything he wanted. 2004 125 min TVPG Drama, Mystery/Crime, Comedy, Action/Adventure Feature Film. However, he does elect to give the Night Fox a prod; a nudge that costs him over $97,000,000, and reminds him that he is simply mortal and he has meddled in the affairs of gods. Which is why them playing along and getting arrested in the second attempt makes absolutely no sense. They are tipped off by an informant named Matsui about the location of the first stock certificate ever. 2004, Three Weeks before the film begins: The Night Fox contacts Benedict supplying all the information he needs to locate the eleven members of Danny’s crew and drive them right where he wants them. Yes, Jenn and I have had an email correspondence. its really confusing. The young guy is no doubt a police officer — remember he is accompanied by the two plain clothes security in the next seats. But nonetheless, this is extremely provoking. And meanwhile of course, Isabel thinks that the egg in the museum is the real one and that she is doing a great job of guarding it. Title of poem: The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls (TTRTTF) 2. Afterwards, filming moved to Italy. They are foiled by Lahiri and a coincidentally present Bruce Willis, and the rest of the group are captured. 3-Not quite sure how they hooked up with Le Marc, but there are plenty of comments sprinkled throughout the film that show us the thievery world is quite small, and everybody knows everybody. 05/09/2020. Follow edited Jun 25 '19 at 16:38. Second Saturday. I knew LeMarc was really the greatest one when he says, “for this!” To Isabel at the end… Love this film. I think lamarc was furious that the night fox broke rule number one. Please answer and put my mind to rest!!!! And don’t forget, the entire audience got conned. They are completely incidental to the real, central plot of this film. Seven days left: Isabel is called to solve the Van der Woude case. For additional input, various travel literature and promotional brochures on Oklahoma’s tourism were also reviewed. Daniel Ocean recruits one more team member so he can pull off three major European heists in this sequel to Ocean's 11. I have a minor question. Ocean’s Eleven are conning the Night Fox so he will pay off Benedict, having already won his challenge. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Who’s to say he is not employed as a vault technician, for example? Now, he actually found out they stole them just before he met Danny for the first time. Ocean's Twelve - video Dailymotion. How did they know who he was and where (Paris) to find him in the first place ? They liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance. 1999: Danny and Rusty pull a job stealing “Incan Matrimonial Headmasks” but Danny is arrested and imprisoned. In this film, Le Marc shows himself to be truly the master of the long con. Set up your computer now to prepare to do the music assignments as explained below in the Week 3 assignments. It’s impossible to catch everything going on when watching this movie for the first time… Ocean’s 12 is one of the best films of all time. you spoke to Le Marc….”. Wouldn’t Isabelle have been notified about the stolen egg within those 48 hours? I always thought Matsui and LeMarc were the same person, but clearly I’m one of those idiots you mention. He won’t go down as the con artist that resorted to murder. Rusty goes to visit Isabel, who swears she won’t take it easy on him anymore. I know I said lastly and apparently I lied because it also bugs me that this whole movie is based on a guy (don’t remember who he is) is in front of lamarc and the night fox and says Danny ocean is the best thief. anklet clairebouyant - Was watching Four Weddings and a Funeral when I came across this poem, have not remembered all of it word for word but I felt the love, the sadness, the pain, the loss while it was being said. He follows the same "code of ethics" as the Ocean group. Keep in mind this scene happened after we see Yen placed in the bag, but before Danny meets up with Tolour. Also amazed at the fact that there are people still watching and talking about this film. Four days left: Isabel figures out that the competing thieves will target the Egg. Five days left: The other half of the gang gets on the Paris-Rome train and steals the Egg while in transit. Outside of the Schumann Special and Lookie Liu which we saw materialize, I wonder if any of the other code words for heist strategies mentioned in both 11 and 12 were real (hell in a hand basket, etc), Dear Jacob, I want to thank you for reading my post and commenting, but I have to say these objections are exactly why I wrote this in the first place. Burger & Lobster: Food and service was great!! And yes, all of this information is in the text of the film(s). Don’t tell on other thieves. This right here, right off the bat, is the first con of the movie. Every scene, every line, every shot has a place in grand scheme, but sure it seems unimportant if you aren’t paying attention. To be honest however, I think the producers of the film could have expected a rather unsuccessful reception of their movie. Library. It must be a really sad life if you don’t understand most movies (I love to read reviews on amazon so I know that EVERY movie hast some people that don’t get it at all, even movies that are straightforward and not at all hard to understand…). To explain, remember what role Reputation plays in the films. The website's critical consensus reads, "While some have found the latest star-studded heist flick to be a fun, glossy star vehicle, others declare it's lazy, self-satisfied and illogical. All the male cast members reprised their roles from, with Al Pacino and Ellen Barkin joining the cast, but neither Julia Roberts nor Catherine Zeta-Jones returned.