By MLP_DISCORDD Ongoing - Updated Jul 26, 2019 Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List. Upon clicking numerous times, the user will through out all arm limbs and flail around, attacking. Ohara Island Hie Hie no Mi Trái ác quỷ Hie Hie no Mi là một trái ác quỷ thuộc thuộc hệ Logia, cho phép người sử dụng nó có thể kiểm soát hơi lạnh và tạo băng t. Thousand Sunny. It has great abilities and is considered as one of the better fruits for grinding Mobs. Limited Positions. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. The main strength of this fruit is that all of its attacks will freeze the target, forcing them … The Hie Hie no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create, control, and transform into ice at will, turning the user into a Freezing Human (氷結人間 Hyōketsu Ningen?) Since Mine Mine no Mi is a big mod chances are their code changes affect us directly which means we must also update the systems that depend on theirs. It is covered in the swirls that most, if not all, are covered in and these swirls protrude from the fruit looking almost frozen in appearance. The Hie Hie no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create, control, and transform into ice at will, turning the user into a Freezing Human. It currently has 4 moves, as well as a passive ability. In the Viz Manga, it is called the Chilly-Chilly Fruit (not to be confused with the Samu Samu no Mi, also called the Chilly-Chilly Fruit by Viz). Note: You're Jesus now, be grateful. Questions and Answers. 1 Ice Review 2 Moveset/Abilities: 3 Pros: 4 Cons: 5 Rating If I were to put Ice on a Tier List, I would be sure to put it on A or S rank. Hie Hie No Mi / Silver 2 13LP / 21W 22L Win Ratio 49% / Heimerdinger - 4W 0L Win Ratio 100% Thus being able to reach thier hands into the head of a traget and literally scrub the brain until it is all clean from all memories. There Hie Hie No Mi must be some smashing the coffin is not broken bronze objects, have hie hie no mi asked not fall. Hie Hie No Mi {FIN} Rules and Info. Its name stems from the Japanese word "hiehie", which means "chilly". Players tend to drop these across islands once they encounter them, or use them to trade for beli. izuku con la hie hie no mi 10.8K Reads 503 Votes 5 Part Story. Hie Hie no Mi. World Press . Items. This fruit's major strength is that it allows the user to turn himself, as well as his surroundings, into ice. However, most attacks are still ineffective against this fruit because its user can simply shatter and reform the ice composing them on impact. Never, we do not support those two versions. This Devil Fruit has huge combo potential! Hie Hie… Sales & Purchases. Departures. A fruit is identified as a common if its tool icon is grey. Devil Fruits and Special Abilities. Naruto informed her "Oh I hope you tell me more later, what … Equip Effect: Hie's Passive. The Hie Hie no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that bestows the user with the ability to create, control, and transform into the element of ice at will, turning the user into a Freezing Human (氷結人 … If you want the actual Why read below: it' is currently ranked at number 9. I am a rubber fire man. Note: This move stuns, as well as Ice Age. Special Threads. Though I didn't eat them on my own accord." Davy Jones' Locker. I 'ate' the flare flare fruit, and the Gum Gum fruit. Hie Hie: Pheasant Beak. Suggestions. no mi. Bounties & Quests. World Information. The Hie Hie no Mi is a Logia-type God Fruit that enables the user to become a ice wielder when eaten. «fruta Hielo Hielo») es una fruta del diablo de tipo logia que concede la capacidad a su consumidor de transformar cualquier parte de su cuerpo en hielo, además de generarlo y controlarlo a su antojo. Damage: 824 Seconds of Stun: 2 Stamina Cost: 350 Cooldown: 6.5 XP Gain: 80 Type: Projectile AoE. Hie Hie No Mi Fruit; Hie Hie No Mi Project X; Hie Hie No Mi User; Hie Hie No Mi Devil Fruit; Hie Hie No Mi Awakening; Hie Hie No Mi Fanfiction; Hie Hie No Mi One Piece Open Seas; Hie Hie No Mi Blox Piece; Koncept Design; Vilken Funktion Har Säkringarna I Din Bil? When using Hie Hie no mi the abilities bug out and make the persons screen blue forever, only way i found to fix it was resetting their uuid La fruta Hie Hie (ヒエヒエの実, Hie Hie no Mi, lit. - When will the X update be ported to 1.7.10 / 1.12.2 ? It was eaten by Kuzan, better known as former Admiral Aokiji. Etimología "Hie hie" es una onomatopeya japonesa utilizada para el frío. The World Government . Techniques. It is interesting to note that this fruit is one of the few Logia that can be hit with a physical attack. Stronger: Gura Gura no Mi. The Ice-Ice Fruit ( Hie-Hie no Mi) is a Logia type Devil Fruit that can be bought from the Blox Fruit Dealer for $350,000 Beli / R$750 Robux. Completed Special Threads. The Bara Bara no mi fruit, or the "Chop-Chop" fruit; allows the user to fully control body parts that have been severed from the body to the point where they can re-attach them at will. "Yes, I ate an Hie Hie no Mi(Ice Ice fruit), and I became an Ice person, what fruit are you?"" The Bara Bara no mi's click attack is probably the weakest of all of its attacks, which says something. Note: all damage numbers are at max level. One of the strongest known Devil Fruits in the world of One Piece, the … Devil Fruit: Hie Hie no Mi (Chilly-Chilly Fruit) Devil Fruit Type: Logia Devil Fruit Appearance: This devil fruit looks similar to a pomegranate, however, instead of being the typical color of one, it is a whitish-blue in color. la hie hie no mi es la fruta tipo hielo dentro de one piece,la cual sera consumida por izuku. Sang pengguna dapat mengubah semua benda menjadi es, bahkan hembusan nafasnya sendiri. Buah ini juga memberikan kekuatan yang san Got Questions? Get Started Chào mừng bạn đến với diễn đàn diễn đàn dành cho tất cả những ai yêu mến One Piece. The Ice fruit is a Devil Fruit known in the anime as the Ice Ice Fruits(Hie Hie No Mi). The Hie Hie no Mi is a Logia type Devil Fruit that allows the eater to control and turn into Ice. Commons are the easiest fruits to come across due to them having simple abilities that are considered weak. Sebastain also has extreme amounts of r… It currently has 4 moves, as well as a passive ability. This is mainly because ice is a solid-state element, and thus, the user cannot simply dissolve out of harm's way as most Logia-users can. Mempunyai elemes es. The Hae Hae no Mi (蝿蝿の実) is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit, in which the user is able to open the heads of whomever they please.