This is one of the best places to visit in Greece. A small medieval town nestled in the mountains behind Naousa with views over neighbouring Naxos. See more. It’s a lovely town to visit for a day and you can find some excellent handmade local pottery, jewelry, and other crafts, as well as things such as honey and figs sold by the road. We have heard countless good things about it during the past 10 years — including lavish praise from people who live on Naxos, as well as from other regular Naxos visitors. Another very popular event is The Fish and Wine Festival which takes place in Marpissa during the first Sunday of July. If you’re into wines, a trip to a winery is one of the top things to do in Paros. It’s easy to see why many regard Paros as the quintessential Island for any Greece travel itinerary. Parikiá (en grec moderne : Παροικιά, signifiant paroisse) est la capitale et le port principal de l'île de Paros. Parikia est la capitale de Paros, mais elle reste pour autant, une petite ville aux charmes indéniables.. Notre visite commence par la découverte de la basilique de Panaghia Katapoliani.Une église orthodoxe dont l'architecture n'est pas typique avec des murs en pierre et un toit en tuiles, qui date du 6ème siècle. A small and picturesque fishing port on the southeast of the island, Piso Livadi has a number of charming tavernas famous for their local seafood dishes. It will be my first visit to Greece (and first time to anywhere warm, I live in Finland :D) so I am very excited already. There are ferries numerous times a day to Santorini and several will also stop at Naxos and Ios. The Greeks love a festival and there are more than 10 religious festivals on Paros between July and September alone! If you’re looking for a change from seafood and Greek cuisine, Le Sud in Naousa is worth a look. BLOG Recent news & events. The town of Parikia looms larger as Superjet approaches the ferry quay. Located 5km south of Parikia, near the Monastery of Jesus of Woods, this valley is referred to as Petaloudes, which means Butterfly in Greek. Disclaimer:Goats On The Road is an Amazon Associate and also an affiliate for some other retailers. To see any or all of the earlier reports, click on the following underlined links:  Part 1 ; Part 2 ; Part 3 ; Part 4 and Part 5 .]. Gerakas Beach may not be on many lists of the best beaches in Greece, but when considering the best beaches in Zakynthos... Want to know which are the best beaches in Greece? When it comes to quad bikes and scooters, make sure you check your insurance. The beach at Kolimbithres is one of the most famous in Paros and is located west of Naousa in Plastira Bay. Located at the North of the island about 20 minutes drive from Parikia, this lively fishing village is where we prefer to stay. Parikia is the capital of Paros and is also home to about 3000 people as well as being the main port. Lefkas has all the makings of the Cyclades — white houses, blue doors and dripping in vibrant pink Bougainvillea. /!\ Attention le dimanche tout est donc fermé à Parikia. All about travel preparation, planning, packing & saving. It shows parts of Parikia and the bay on the north side of the port. Sandy is an Australian based travel writer, reviewer & explorer focused on emerging destinations and old favourites. Incredible sunsets and white table-cloth service is found at Siparos a few minutes drive past Naoussa — we enjoyed a very special group birthday celebration here recently. The capital and main port of the island, Parikia is also the commercial and business hub. ), Gerakas Beach in Zakynthos Greece: A Travel Guide, 15 Best Beaches in Greece (Islands and Mainland), Xigia Beach & Sulphur Spa in Zakynthos, Greece. The coastal road encircles the entire island and the distance from the northernmost to the southernmost part of Paros is about 30 km. This article is great! Moving on: It was another sunny morning, but we wouldn’t get to enjoy the beautiful weather. It can be very powerful and for this reason, Paros is very popular with avid windsurfing and wakeboarding fanatics but it’s also easy to find a protected bay, street or quiet corner so the wind can be manageable. On Paros, however, it’s possible to join a boat, or privately charter one, from either Naousa or Piso Livadi. For one hour windsurfing, expect to pay around 25 euros ($29), SUP is around $20 euros ($23) for an hour, while kayaks go for 15 euros per hour ($17). Most people travel to and from Paros by ferry. If you are lucky enough to be visiting Greece for the first time or even your 30th time, make sure Paros is on your itinerary. This site uses cookies to help user experience. Antiparos is home to a number of celebrities most notably Tom Hanks and his Greek wife Rita Wilson. Select from our best shopping destinations in Paros without breaking the bank. This is the second clip I shot from the Blue Star ferry. Click here to learn more about boat trips around the Small Cyclades. The capital and main port of the island, Parikia is also the commercial and business … There are also plenty of rental places around the island where you can rent cars, quad bikes and scooters. Zannet Paros hotel at a glance. Thank you for all the tips! Enjoy a stunning day trip around the Small Cyclades, a group of spectacular islands at the southern end of Naxos which include Koufanisi and Danousa. It has all the amenities you would expect from a fully functioning city, including incredible sunsets :) We found a cool windmill at the port that we would recommend visiting. (I think the answer will most likely be “yes.”) I’ve already been to Paros (twice), but both videos made me want to go back again. The peak season is July and August when the Europeans take their holidays and it can be both hot and windy then too. Goats on the Road Posts » Travel Blogs » 21 Things To Do in Paros, Greece. There are several rental places right on the beach. Here you can enjoy typical Cycladic hospitality, delicious cuisine, and very tranquil surroundings. Top 5 Beaches in Paros. Legend has it that 99 doors have been found in the Church and that the 100th will be discovered when Constantinople (Istanbul) is returned to Greece again. Naxos is a fabulous island only 20 minutes away from Paros and is both fascinating and fun. Easy island hopping is another benefit of Paros. Having said that, I’d say 4 – 5 days at minimum probably. The airport on the island was completely rebuilt in late 2016 and there is now a new small terminal and a longer runway. (For the top places for the best places to eat and drink in Paros, download the CoolRadar app for IOS and Android). Paros lies about 40 km south of Mykonos, 180 km southeast of Athens, 85 km North of Santorini, and 200 km north of Crete. Vue panoramique de Parikiá et son port. Parikia could be described as the main town of Paros island. The third largest island in Greece will delight you with its... After staying on the island for over 2 weeks and visiting many of the nicest coves, we found that while Xigia Beach, wit... © 2020 Goats on the Road | Web Design and Development by, 6. Paros, the elegant beauty of the Aegean Sea is a Greek island located in the center of the Cyclades islands. Another very popular beach that is well-known for its windsurfing, water skiing, and scuba diving facilities. Every year during the summer months, the valley is verdant as the Jersey Tiger Moths seem to wrap the entire valley, creating a truly breathtaking natural phenomenon. I am traveling to Paros next week and your article was super helpful! Naxos has everything we want for a vacation — Wonderful scenery, unpretentious attitude and laid-back ambience, friendly and hospitable local residents, delicious food, reasonable prices, and plenty of things to see and do. This year, they have started issuing fines if you are driving without an international driver’s license so it pays to travel with one. It is the commercial center of the island and where you will find services and amenities such as banks, travel agents, government, churches, and museums. Parikia, the capital, is the largest settlement of the island but Naoussa is the one that you see on most photos. Adventure lovers, history buffs and nature seekers rejoice! You can find a timetable here. This area is the most expensive, but it’s also possible to get a cheap and cheerful meal in one of the many winding back streets. They also had a romantic walkway along the sea that you can enjoy as the ocean breeze flows along the coast. Follow her adventures at Tray Tables Away. Looking forward to going back a second time to see much more . On Paros, Parikia and west located villages like Punda have the best spots but there are restaurants such as the above mentioned Siparos that also have magnificent golden views in the evenings. It can be very windy when the Meltemi is blowing but for many people, that is part of its appeal. 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This is a short clip of Superjet that I shot from the Blue Star Paros. A trip here is one of the best things to do in Paros. Parikia est la capitale de Paros, également connue sous le nom de ville de Paros.C’est la plus grande colonie et le principal port de l’île. The blue-and-white Pyrgaki Hotel is located on a small hill, overlooking the port of Parikia. It’s a very hypnotic effect! Click here to see the latest rates on rental cars with There are a couple of excellent wineries on Paros. Aliki means ‘salt-marsh’ in Greek and this village got its name from the adjoining one at the southern end of the island. Simply click on the "Leave a comment" link under any post to access the feedback form. There is a small man-made seawall that ensures calm water almost every day and a couple of very good tavernas on the beach, including the very popular Thalami and Chistianta. Mykonos is only an hour away and it’s quite possible to pop over for lunch, although you will unlikely be there when the hard-core partying starts around midnight. A little further south from Piso Livadi is Golden Beach, considered by many to be one of the best beaches in Greece for water sports, if not the world. But on Paros… You’ll find ancient, medieval ruins and monuments, picturesque white sugar-cube towns and villages, and no shortage of tavernas bars and cafes. Beautiful, full-colour photos illustrate an enticing place or sight in each destination. Expect to pay anywhere from 20 euros ($23) per person to 150 euros ($165). the main port and town on Paros, [Editor’s note: This is the sixth instalment in an ongoing series of photo reports about our 2014 spring vacation in the Cyclades and Athens. They are much-loved (and protected) by the locals and participate in many local events when they visit each summer. Fireworks, traditional music and dancing coincide with much feasting and frivolity. Paros is one of the most beautiful islands in the Cyclades, temping travellers from all over the world who are looking to escape the mania of Santorini and Mykonos without skimping on idyllic Aegean beaches and charming Cycladic villages. Parikia Port. Paros is an island in the heart of the Cyclades Islands in Greece with over 10,000 inhabitants and 120kms of coastline. After breakfast, we had to pack, take a taxi to the port, and ride a ferry to Syros for the next leg of our 2014 Greek holiday. Rome2rio makes travelling from Parikia to Naoussa easy. Flights to Paros take 40 minutes from Athens and 65 minutes from Thessaloniki. Si vous ne connaissez pas la capitale de la Grèce, cela vaut le coup de rester 2 jours sur place afin de visiter les lieux incontournables comme l’Arcropole et le Parthénon, mais aussi le temple de Zeus, ou le stade Olympique. Feel free to comment about any photos and articles on the blog. Paros is one of those places. Paros is a Greek island in the Cyclades with all of the traditional, whitewashed villages, dazzling beaches and waterfront tavernas that you could want from a Greek island holiday, without the extreme crowds of nearby Santorini and Mykonos. Je créer ce blog pour partager mes photos de Paros en Grèce une ile des cyclades ou je vais depuis 17 ans j'y ai mes amis , je connais bien cette île, ses sites archéologiques les lieux a voir , des endroits ou louer pour un séjour , si vous souhaitez avoir des renseignements sur cette île j'attends vos questions , et bon voyage photographique! Another featured webcam is the municipality’s, streaming images from the southern seafront of Parikia. Find all the transport options for your trip from Parikia to Naoussa right here. While there are numerous things to do in Paros, don’t miss spending a day at this beach. The boutique hotel Paros Comfy Suites is located on a private peninsula of 6 acre by the sea, just 2km away from the town of Naoussa and the well-known organized beach of Santa Maria. Find out more about us Goats and what we're all about. Awesome guide, I wish I had read it before going to Paros … wineries, really ???? Established in 1910, Moraitis Winery is just at the back of the town of Naousa and has a very good cellar that also sells light meals and cheese platters. There are so many things to do in Paros (and eat!) There are free sun beds and umbrellas for all guests to use. Small or larger festivals involving art exhibitions, dance and music events, concerts, theatrical performances or book fairs are scheduled towards the end of the summer. One of the most famous churches in all the Greek islands, Panagia Ekatontapiliani in the Paros port town of Parikia is more popularly known as the “Church of the 100 doors” (probably because most tourists can’t pronounce the tongue-twisting Greek name.) If you wish to spend your holidays in Paros at the friendly environment of a small family-run hotel, where you won’t spend a fortune, Zannet hotel is a great option among budget hotels in Paros island.. Learn how to make money on the road, so you can travel forever. Blog - Latest News| Oasis hotel is located opposite the port of Parikia of Paros, offers comfortable accommodation with rooms overlooking the sea and next to Ekatondapiliani - Old Town Be sure to check out Aspro Chorion, the small charming settlement above Drios. There are countless possibilities both on the island and to destinations beyond. Travel Guide to Paros, Greece. Sailing around the Greek Islands can be a lot more difficult, and expensive than people realize. The Seajets passenger ferry Superjet enters Parikia Bay as it heads to port at Paros island on October 13 2013. Le samedi elle se poursuit à Lefkes et le dimanche c’est la fête à Naoussa.